Season's Changing ~ Are you?

Kim's Thoughts

Is your body trying to tell you something? Often times it starts with a whisper or a thought, “I should buy fish at the store,” or “I’m really thirsty,” or “I need more sleep.” If we listen, we find that sometimes it’s really easy to meet our needs, and other times we know what we need but it feels crazy hard to listen or do anything about.

Do you notice when your body resets itself? I have recently become aware of this. It often starts gradually and at first I didn’t even realize it was happening. I have been working on healing a health condition and as things have been improving I dismissed some of the “side effects” as random or coincidence, etc. It wasn’t until I was at my doctors office relaying all these strange things that she brought up the possibility that my body was engaging it’s ability to heal and as a result “resetting” the pattern. For me it started with a complete lack of desire for my second cup of coffee. Before, I always knew where my coffee was, how much I had consumed and if I didn’t have it, I got a headache. Now I was finding an almost full cup hours later and also finding I had no caffeine withdrawal. My body had readjusted. I have a client who told me after a few sessions of energy healing she realized she wasn’t craving sugar or eating from the communal candy dish all the time at work. For me it also showed up in my sleep pattern, I had for years gone to bed early and been awake by 5 am with no alarm. I started finding myself staying up later and struggling to wake up early. Perhaps you’ve heard that being outside can be helpful for resetting your sleep? Check this article out. 

Have you heard that sometimes when your body craves something like chocolate, it possibly is an indication that your body needs a particular mineral or vitamin? Here’s an article talking about what your cravings might indicate.

One thing I craved during my reset was beets – yes, roasted beets. J Sometimes it can be hard to listen to our bodies, because we feel like our boss or spouse or kids won’t understand. Sometimes we need a mental health day when our bodies are overtaxed. One thing I’m certain of, whenever I ignored my back pain and didn’t address it with exercise or rest, my back pain did not go away, in fact it became incapacitating to the point where I was forced to come face to face with it. I think that’s the interesting thing with following what our bodies are saying we need in the moment.

Sometimes we also go through people or job resets as well. Where that friend who you used to enjoy spending time with feels like a person you have little in common with, or your job no longer challenges you in a way you enjoy- almost like you’re bored. What I've found to be most helpful during these times is to listen to yourself. Your body and your energy field let you know when things are out of sync or changing.   


Elizabeth's thought's

Rhythms fascinate me and are something I like to pay attention to. In my morning walks, there are fresh cooler morning paces or wet morning strong smells paces (walking with a dog sometimes determines the pace). With different paces, there are different rhythms our 6 feet create hitting the ground. There are internal rhythms like breath and heartbeat. There are external rhythms like woodpeckers drumming on a tree or branches rattling in a breeze. The rhythms in and of work and play, the rhythms in and of movement and stillness, the rhythms in and of waking and sleeping can all be felt in a day, in a week, in a month, in a season, in a year, in a life.~ Read more