Kim Lohan, Energy Healer

Hara, the center of gravity in the martial arts, is a location below the navel where the subtle energy of body is collected and transformed. I created Hara Studio as a space to explore and actualize our life's intention by achieving energetic alignment. 

Since 2012 I have been honored to work with clients from a variety of different backgrounds to help them improve physical well being, integrate emotionally challenging experiences and deepen their spiritual connections. This site provides an introduction to my practice but please contact me with any questions. 


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I have had some very clear shifts during and after healings with Kim. Her clarity of purpose creates a strong foundation for every session, and her focus helps me to clarify my experience of receiving the healing. Part of what makes your work unique is the power of the words that you share from your end of a healing. They always resonate.
— EB, Writer