Alcohol and the Energy Field

With the holidays on the horizon I’m including my perspective on what happens to the energy body when you drink alcohol. The holidays seem to bring with it many opportunities to make merry, imbibe as well stress us out. If you need some support, please reach out.

How does alcohol affect one's energy field? When we consume alcohol for pleasure or social reasons we may know that our inhibitions are lowered but not question or recognize what has happened in the energy field. Here’s a glimpse of the effects on each chakra.

First Chakra - initially we may feel as if we are more in our bodies and be more willing to dance or play a game of football. We feel a sense of community with those around us, think of tailgating / vineyards / family reunions. This sense of connection can sometimes lead to raucous behavior - think of how drunken sports fans will turn over cars or graffiti following a big win.

Second Chakra - in this chakra we may feel a rise in our passion. Not only towards someone else but this is where we get more animated and talk about politics or how we were betrayed or what we'd really like to do with our life.

Third Chakra - from this chakra we may experience a sense of power and confidence that comes from looser boundaries. We may feel we are doing well and can put off or dismiss problems. We may feel a false bravado and will attempt feats that we wouldn't normally even consider. As many of us carry anxiety in this chakra we may feel some initial relief with the looser boundaries. Personally, I find it difficult to be in places where people are intoxicated as I experience a pulling from my 3rd chakra because this is often where people suck energy from.

Fourth Chakra - we may feel a sense of being more in love or having more love for someone. We see folks declaring how much they love their friends, kids, partners. Alcohol also affects people by touching into their grief and loss. Feeling like they are grieving their loss, although in a detached way. One's feelings can be amplified or minimized. We are open to allowing others into our field, trading tragedy stories and then feel a vulnerability hangover that we shared with someone who hadn't earned our trust.

Fifth Chakra - alcohol can open the throat chakra and we may say things we haven't been able to express or will just talk a lot more than usual. This may feel exhilarating to finally get something off the chest, but can quickly turn into losing our filter and we may say hurtful things. We may also experience alcohol keeping us from expressing.

Six chakra - alcohol can create the illusion that we are expanding our field, but as we consume it we are lowering or loosening our boundaries and others can come closer into our energy fields. We might feel like we are making many cerebral connections. If we have blocked our third eye, we may experience a sense of getting information but struggle to discern or doubt its meaning.

Seventh Chakra - we might feel like we are connected to god or feel like we are experiencing oneness with those around us and the planet, however it tends to be a transient and ungrounded. Alcohol actually pulls in our energy field leaving us with a depressed or shrunken field.And alcohol can leave debris in the field.

Some tips: if you have a social event you are nervous about attending, charge up your third chakra instead of choosing to have another drink. If you can't imagine having Thanksgiving with your family without getting drunk, then I’d suggest not attending or if you do attend and are hungover the next day, try to drop the judgment. Try a seltzer tonic with lime, sans alcohol, see if having a non alcoholic drink can act as a stand in. Less is better when it comes to consuming alcohol. ~


Blessings as Energy Diversion

Many folks I see have come in with an subtle way of diverting their energy that may surprise you – it’s a form of count your blessings, but instead of it being a way to express gratitude it turns into a way of shutting down their emotions often about a painful experience.

Here’s an example; my family member has X diagnosis and now I am responsible for all these new things…but at least we have a house; at least we are not living in a war zone; at least I can drink the water; I need to be grateful for what I have. I strongly believe gratitude is a helpful and healing practice, but counting your blessings as a way to divert or suppress energy is not. Counting your blessings often serves as a shut off valve to how you actually are feeling about the situation. Perhaps you are actually resentful about your new responsibilities or sad or scared about the situation or maybe all of the above. By holding the space to experience all these feelings, they can dissipate and give you more energy to negotiate this new and different terrain. When we suppress or divert our feelings it can be a way of spiritual bypass. We also do this when we say here’s how I’m going to handle the situation and don’t ever check in on how we feel about it. From an energetic perspective here’s what that looks like; energy gets stuck in certain spots of the body, often stomach or throat area from not being authentic (3rd chakra) and not speaking your truth (5th chakra). It also leaves us carrying around the weight of congested energy, which is like carrying around a heavy purse of energy we can’t access.

So what do you do when you find yourself cutting yourself off with your blessing countdown? Pause. See if you can speak out loud to someone else or even just out loud to yourself how you are feeling about something / someone before rushing into your blessing around breathing. This is not about getting swamped by your emotions, but it is about airing them.

Top 10 Energetic Picks for When You're Getting Sick

intuitive healing
  1. Send your energy down and around your body – when we catch a virus often our energy is stuck in the chest and face area. One way to physically do this is to rub peppermint lotion on your feet. You will consciously send energy down as your feet respond to the peppermint.

  2. Elderberry Syrup – I try to take this daily when it’s cold season. When I’m getting sick, I take it every few hours. It’s super easy to make and you can find the ingredients at The Elderberry in Charlottesville.

  3. Rest – when we feel like we MUST carry on, it actually prolongs the length of our illness and we infect others. Often illness is a gift for us to slow down, recharge and sometimes it is good practice for setting boundaries.

  4. Gan Moa Ling, Chinese supplement. An acupuncturist introduced this to me 20 years ago and it has been a lifesaver. I take it at first sign of a cold and often it has prevented me from getting sick.

  5. Vitamin C and Echinacea Tincture - there is lots of research out there about this.

  6. Throat coat tea or fresh lemon, ginger, honey tea. Chop 1-2” of ginger add to 6 cups of water, boil for 30 minutes, strain, add lemon and honey to taste.

  7. Change your hand towel frequently - this is so simple, but super important especially with kids.

  8. Epsom salt bath or baking soda bath – this helps to relax your muscles and clear your energy field.

  9. Diffuse essential oils – there are several great ones – clove, eucalyptus, rosemary.

  10. Go to bed at least an hour early – yes, this is different than number 3.

    Do you have any tips or suggestions when you start feeling like you are catching something? Please share.

    New Class
    I’ve been asked by clients for help learning more about how they run their energy, what to do with the seemingly random intuition they receive, and the “so what” feeling with this information. I offered this class in September and several folks asked if I could offer it again and this time it's in Charlottesville. It will be held at Cocoa & Spice, where you can find delicious chocolates while learning more about how your intuition comes in.

    Here's a little about the class, we all get intuitive hits or experience knowings: those things that we often don’t listen to or recognize until after the fact, and then go, “Oh! I had a feeling that was going to happen,” or,” I knew something was off.” We will practice various techniques for how you work with this information and how it enters your energy field. If you would like to expand your intuitive skills, more details found here. No experience necessary.


Hey there, beautiful people,

How has your summer been? Mine has been full of learning about acceptance and surrender. While telling a friend what all was happening she replied, “Like it or not, this is your life at the moment.” That simple statement has been a great reminder for me when I’ve received news I didn’t want to hear or had something go differently than I had expected. It’s served to remind me that I always have choices. If you are feeling a bit tight with feelings of uncertainty or unable to catch a full breath here’s my short list:

Spend a few minutes meditating – this, in addition to often calming one down, helps create more energetic fluidity.

Talk to a therapist or friend about what’s going on – the mere act of bringing the words that have been banging about in your mind stateside can release their weight, sometimes reveal their untruth, and / or provide unexpected insight.

Do something to shift your energy field. Get some energy work – healings, acupuncture, Alexander Technique or Kundalini yoga are all great ways to create movement within your field.

Repeat this mantra, “I have choices.”


New Classes

I’ve been asked by clients for help learning more about how they run their energy, what to do with the seemingly random intuition they receive, and the “so what” feeling with this information. We all get intuitive hits or experience knowings: those things that we often don’t listen to or recognize until after the fact, and then go, “Duh! I had a feeling that was going to happen,” or,” I knew something was off.”  We will practice various techniques for how you work with this information and how it enters your energy field. If you would like to expand your intuitive skills, learn more here.

Here’s to our transition into Fall ~



When We Gather Retreat

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When we gather... 
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See you there! 

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How to make sparks fly…

reiki sparks.jpg

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of healings where people are tired, depleted and feeling underwhelmed. It’s like they have lost the connection to what fuels them and lost the time for them to think. For some it’s that their work is no longer a fit or they’re in a relationship that leaves them feeling a bit flat. What I see happening on an energetic level is that they are giving more energy than they are receiving back. It’s like they start out with a full battery pack at the beginning of the day and by the end their low battery light is flashing. This results in a second chakra out of alignment and not enough life pulse.
What feeds the life pulse? Fun, play, creativity, sex, dance. The tricky thing is if you have a depleting relationship going on it makes you want to do less. Lately I’ve been going through a challenging situation with a family member and one way I get recharged is by saying yes to more self care: energy healings, making sure I don’t miss a meal, attending live music. With the live music, the day of the show often found me feeling too tired to go, thinking I’d rather stay at home wearing pajamas. However after I went to see the shows, I was definitely more fired up by seeing the band, dancing and feeling the vibration of the music.
So here’s some things to do to bring back some magic in your life…
It’s sort of like mad libs.
Last time I was super happy, I was doing _________________. (Now, put this in your planner for the soonest available date.)
When I eat blank ____________________ I feel really loved. (Pack this for lunch ASAP.)

The top 5 songs to charge me up are _____________________________________. (Create a playlist and listen to this at work or while driving to work.)
If I could do anything I wanted for work, it would be _______________________________. (See if there are any ways in which you can do more of this in your current job.)
When I drink this (nonalcoholic, please) ___________________________ I feel nourished. (Grab some now.)
When I wear this outfit my body beams _____________________________. (Put it on, please!)
When I do this physical activity ______________________________________ I feel alive. (Go, do it!)
Some of this is just to bring your awareness to what it is that energetically lifts you up. Say going to Paris, France is where you feel most alive and you don’t have the funds to go there now. Change your screen shot to the Louvre, make some of the food you ate while you were there or grab some food from Marie Bette and watch a movie or play some music that gives you that feel. Some of this is about inviting play back into your life. When we play, we make magic and charge up not only our imagination but our life pulse. Here’s to you and your amazing life~
If you want to hear some great music check out local band, Chamomile and Whiskey or this band from Austin, TX, The Wind and the Wave. ~  Enjoy

Grief & Loss

grief and loss

I was asked by Little Mended Hearts of Charlottesville to lead a meditation for parents whose children had passed away as a result of a congenital heart condition. It was an honor to help provide a container for people to share their grief and their love for their angel warrior. I was reminded of how important it is to be able to share your story with others who understand and how we can connect with our loved one through our heart connection. Thanks to Little Mended Hearts of Charlottesville for all they do to support families with heart conditions. 

2017 Energy In Review

chakra balancing

If you’ve come to see me multiple times in the past year, your 2017 year in review should be in your mailbox in the next day or so. This shows you what themes have come up over the past year in your healings, how you tend to run your energy, chakras that are strong for you and what ones need extra support. I also tune into your field and 2018 and tell you what I’m feeling in regards to that. So check your mail. Here's to 2018 ~ !


magical structures

Holidays got you stressed? How about a reframe? Holidays ~ a time to de-stress

Earlier this month I was in Manhattan for a healing training. Prior to going I was scared, overwhelmed and questioning how could I possibly navigate my way around the city, much less survive. Something that helped me reframe was when my friend who lives there said, “You know you can always ask someone; New Yorkers are really nice people.” Until she brought this up, I hadn’t realized I was in the headspace of having to do it on my own, having to do it perfectly and in separation from the many good people of NY.
What happened the first morning? I was commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan and I missed my ferry, then almost missed the next ferry and barely arrived to class on time. But what I chose to notice from that: I made it and felt really alive. My trip was exhilarating. I came to see how often we want to bypass the human experience of newness, how we then stop seeing the magic in our experiences. My kids were the ones who brought the magic back to the holidays for me – their wonder and excitement of something different and special. But still, after several years, I started feeling tired about the holidays.
This week I stumbled on this instagram post by thewomanwhomarriedabear who said:“FERTILE DARKNESS::In the hubbub of the ‘holiday season’ there are ancient practices to nourish our minds, bodies & spirits” and it reminded me that instead of going into the story of “it’s such a bummer it gets dark so early” or “it’s so cold,” I could explore newness. A return of the cold so I can get cozy or go to bed earlier or make a cup of cocoa to warm up or create a new ritual. I remember a teacher saying that rather than rally against the weather for it being a rainy day, you could just accept – it’s a rainy day, no need to spend the energy getting angry just because it’s raining.

My intention this time of year is not to embrace the drama of stress for this time of year, but to actively look for the magic in this season. I hope you, too, find new ways or remember ways to make this time of year restorative for yourself.
Since it’s the time for travel and staying in, if you’d like to experience a remote healing, take 20% off remote sessions from now until New Years, use code cozy when scheduling. Here’s to embracing the dark. 

Breathing while you're struggling


Keeping up with self care when the world feels like it's falling apart

Once again I have been experiencing that feeling that I can't quite catch my breath before the news of the latest tragic event rolls in. Then it seems like my own personal life wants to offer me a cup of tea infused with a beautiful problem. During a difficult time in my life years ago a friend gave me advice that I needed to make a list of how-to-cheer-myself-up when I'm down. Simple things like brush my teeth, go for a walk, buy a magazine and unplug the phone. I haven't used a list like that in a long time but following what has happened in Las Vegas, I think I need to recreate one. A tip for making that list: you can't make it when you're down, as the list tends to be sarcastic. Once again I've called on that friend, Becky Holtzman, to shed some light on self care, with a post about self healing through Reiki. Even if you haven't studied energy healing, you can still send healing energy to yourself just by placing your hands on your body and intending energy to go to that area.
Take care ~ Kim

Becky Holtzman is a Reiki practitioner with Orange Flower Healing and practices Reiki in Bloomington, IN. You can learn more about her practice at

Reiki and Self-Healing ~ Becky Holtzman

The Japanese word Reiki describes both the concept of Universal Life Energy (Rei = Universal, Ki = Life Energy), and the practice of Reiki itself. It is a hands-on healing technique that encourages the body’s healing process by promoting balance and relaxation at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
After being initiated or “attuned” in a Reiki I class, the heart of Reiki is a commitment to regular self-practice. A full self-treatment takes about 40 minutes, with hands placed on the head, throat, chest, ribs, belly and pelvis. Reiki passes through the hands and into the body. Since each person is unique, and every day is slightly different, the variety of experiences is wide. In my 4½ years of self-practice, I have noticed physical sensations (warmth, tingling, pulsing), and emotional shifts both profound and subtle. I am still surprised at the quiet power of Reiki.
By practicing on ourselves every day, we learn through direct experience how Reiki works for us, as an individual. You might think of it as you would a martial art, yoga, or meditation: the more you do it, the more familiar and confident you become with the process. For me, self-Reiki is a way of continually building a body-memory for relaxation and restoration. When I place my hands over my eyes, at the sides of my head, or at my heart, my entire being immediately understands the invitation to drop into Reiki.
What I always feel after a self-treatment is better, even if I was feeling perfectly fine before. I’ve also noticed that I have an easier time choosing my yeses, noes, or maybes in decisions both important and minor. If I feel uncertain, cranky, or upset, I give myself a few minutes of Reiki. When I am happily surprised, or delighted, I’ve noticed that I spontaneously place my hand at my chest and feel Reiki start to flow. Like the Tao, as described in Lao-Tzu’s Tao te Ching, Reiki “is always present within you. You can use it any way you want.”
Reiki never goes away. Once you’ve got it, you can always return to it. Even if you haven’t practiced for years, when you place your hands on yourself and invite Reiki to flow, it will. It might feel erratic at first—think of a how a rarely used faucet spits and chugs when it’s finally turned on—but patience and practice will strengthen that flow. Invite Reiki to teach you. Notice what happens, and how you feel.
There is so much that is out of our control in the world, but with self-Reiki we are always able to comfort ourselves, support our own ability to heal, and listen for our deepest truths. That self-care will naturally spill out into the rest of our lives, to the benefit of everything we care about: partners, kids, pets, gardens, work, and our communities, both local and global. When we make time to care for ourselves, things shift, perhaps subtly, sometimes notably. Either way, everything around that initial shift moves a bit, too. A process has begun.