Clients of Hara Studio have benefited from Energy Work in a variety of ways:

Kim is amazing. I received a long distance healing from her and and could feel the shift in my energy, both during and after the healing. She tuned into some important issues that I have been ignoring, but clearly need to address. I felt more clear and focused afterward. Kim is very supportive and nonjudgmental and provides a safe place for healing. I highly recommend her.
— MB, RN Portland, OR
you’ve helped me more quickly get to the essence of my confusion, from a place of truth. Your healings are such a specific tool, more than anyone else I’ve worked with.
— -EH CEO Charlottesville, VA
Thank you for your work. I didn’t realize what an impact it would have on me, how it would help me to start seeing and responding differently. I learned so much from you, and I am only starting my journey!
— KF, Charlottesville, VA
All your help during that rough period was easier because of you. There are not really words to express our appreciation to you. If anyone needs a healer, your name will be the one we will recommend
— CC, RN
Kim is my energy doctor. The best part about scheduling a distance healing with Kim, is she’s able to make house calls no matter how far apart we are. I use distance healing when I’m on the road for work or if I just feel like being in my home.
— ER, Free Union, VA
Thank you doesn’t seem adequate but I’ll say it anyway THANK YOU for an amazingly helpful, healthful, and healing session today. Your intention, abilities, and care defy adequate words too! As a 20+ year career development professional it’s so wonderful to witness (and experience first-hand!) another person who is intentionally following a career path that is completely and utterly a calling!
— KA, Charlottesville, VA
Kim has been a welcomed presence in my life for some time now. I enjoy every session with her and look forward to her healing hands and kind, gentle spirit. She is a great listener and is extremely in tune with my body’s needs. The results that I have seen in my life after working with Kim have been incredible!
— EP, graduate student
Kim has the unique ability to make me feel total bliss. Sometimes my body has become so relaxed that I can’t get up off the table. Her insights help me focus on certain aspects of myself. The smile on my face stays with me all day long.
— HH, carpenter
I absolutely love Kim—she is one of the most present and authentic people I have ever spent time with. She doesn’t try to fix me; she listens, and then just shares what she gets, on an energetic, emotional, and interpersonal level.
— JG, Writer & Musician
Kim is by far one of the best healers I have ever been to. I have worked with her consistently for months and the results have been amazing!!! I have found my voice, my confidence, and released a lot of old programs that were sabotaging my life. She holds an unbelievably safe space and is a clear channel for divine energy. I cannot say enough about my experience with Kim!
— AM, Reiki Healer
Kim did a restructuring of my gallbladder a couple months ago, and I experienced an immediate (upon standing) improvement in my sense of well-being. It was as if a fog was lifted. And I have had improved energy, organization, and well-being since. As a healer Kim has consistently exhibited thoughtfulness in my care, intelligence in her observations and interpretations, and elicits the highest confidence. I trust her work. She is both competent and kind.
— AS, Nelson County, long distance healing
When I met Kim Lohan, I was stuck in a low-paying, unsatisfying job. After working with Kim, my energy surged, my clarity emerged, and I earned a job I love that pays well. In fact, Kim’s careful attention and excellence has improved all areas of my life
— HB, graphic designer
Kim Lohan is amazingly intuitive. She brings her healing and insight with grace and understanding. She has been a tremendous help on my path to self-healing and self-care.
— TK, Executive Director
Kim is wonderful! Everything she said about how I had been feeling, all of my symptoms was completely right on. It is amazing that she was able to do that, especially with us being on opposite coasts. I could feel her energy and the effects of the healing afterwards. Kim is so intuitive and nurturing in her healings.
— JP, Los Angeles, CA - distance healing
Kim is a healer in every sense of the word. After a session with her I feel more connected, inspired, and realigned both physically and emotionally.
— TL, writer