Kim Lohan, Energy Healer

Kim Lohan, Energy Healer

Kim founded Hara Studio in 2012 to help clients energetically restructure their lives – overcoming physical ailments, developing new emotional patterns, and deepening their spiritual connections. Kim is a graduate of the internationally recognized Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science. She previously worked in social services for rape crisis, AIDS services, children’s grief, and treatment foster care facilities for over a decade.


More about Kim

I have always felt drawn to help others. I started my journey as a candy-striper in middle school.  I majored in Women’s Studies in college and worked part-time with developmentally delayed adults. Following college, I worked for ten years in New Mexico at a domestic violence center and then an AIDS services organization. In my free time I volunteered as a group facilitator for a children’s grief program. After moving to Virginia, I continued my work with children in a treatment foster care program.

Working with a wide variety of individuals over this time I often struggled with not having the right tools to help them overcome the challenges they faced. It was frustrating to often see the same patterns repeated. In 2006, on a whim, I attended a weekend workshop on Energy Healing and immediately understood what I had only unconsciously recognized before, that there is an energetic basis to our lives that determines (‘affects’ or ‘influences’) our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

This was a turning point for me. I enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science in Florida. This rigorous four-year program is attended by students from around the world and provides a deep understanding of how Energy Healing techniques can be utilized to catalyze change for clients facing a number of different challenges. 

I have been putting these techniques into practice since I founded Hara Studio in 2012. It has been very rewarding to see clients from diverse backgrounds – executives, contractors, moms, athletes, therapists, professors, cancer patients, teens – who have been able to formulate new emotional patterns, overcome physical challenges, deepen their spiritual connections, and be able enjoy life more fully.

In addition to developing my practice and teaching workshops on chakras and energy healing, I have continued to expand my understanding of the psychological and emotional dimension of healing by studying 50-50 Consciousness through a four-year apprenticeship with Hiroko Tsujiki-Steinberg. I also continue to learn new energy healing techniques through Vortex Healing workshops.

I have personally experienced the transformation of energy healing in my own life. These practices helped me recover from heart failure during the birth of my son and have helped expose the consciousness underlying my stuck patterns.

I currently reside at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and find my children are my greatest teachers. Currently I’m repeating several lessons on patience and creativity.