Chakra reading is done using pendulum.

A chakra alignment group session is perfect for friends getting together or a couple who want more insight into their current situation and want to share that with one another. It begins with each person getting a chakra reading done, which is like a snapshot of what currently is going on energetically. Then we have time to answer questions about your reading. You are then guided through a chakra meditation, which serves to clear, charge and balance your chakras.

I have been to Kim twice for chakra alignments and guided meditations in two different group settings. The first time was with a group of girlfriends and the second time was with my husband. The sessions were both insightful and enriching and provided a different framework to look through some of our experiences and the way in which we approach life. Conversations and further introspection has continued long beyond our time with Kim. I would absolutely recommend this experience!
— BB, Virginia
Honestly, my chakra reading was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Ever. I felt a real safe, honest and good vibe from you which makes me want to pursue chakra healing further.