What is healing?

Community Healing at IX Art Park.

With the events of this summer feeling like an unending series of one-two punches, it can feel so hard not to fall into overwhelming helplessness. This is a clear time for healing. Often energy healing is seen as such personal work, but joining together and creating a space for healing others and the larger picture is just as viable a piece of energy healing. Our goal for this event is to create a space for people to stand together in a time of tragedy rather than be divided.
August 25, 2016 6-8 pm

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Elizabeth’s Thoughts
The root of the word heal is whole. Just sit with that a moment. Is there only one way to remember, know or feel you are whole? Of course not. Healing can be a warm, strong hug when you feel lonely or even when you feel happy. Healing can be sitting with your dog or cat snuggled up by your side. Healing can be someone listening when you just need to let it all out. It’s also a wide variety of options on the eastern and western health fronts. Often, I find the word healer is used and/or taken in a fashion that puts some ego in there. There is also a belief that there is a problem that must be fixed to be whole again and that the healer is the one who fixes the broken person. Everyone is whole just as they are. Everyone has the power to heal, to heal one’s self and others.
All of this is pertaining to healing and humans, but what about healing and the earth and healing other animals? Gardening, composting, keeping your trash output low, stream buffer planting are just a few examples of what healing the earth can look like. Working to preserve habitat for wildlife, using farming techniques that work with animal life rather than against it are a couple of ideas of healing and animals. And you can see how clearly connected everything is when you see that healing animals, humans included, is also healing the earth and vice versa. So as you move through your day, let the word heal sink into your awareness and notice what it means to you. I’m always interested in hearing people’s thoughts and experiences, so if you want to share, remember you can do so here.
One of the most profound experiences with healing I’ve had in recent years has been a daily gratitude practice. I have two different groups with a gratitude practice, so I start my day with two emails listing what I’m grateful for. Almost 4 years into this practice, the layers continue to unfold. I am sharing a taste of this amazing experience with anyone who’s interested. Starting August 14th, I am offering a free 15 day gratitude challenge. Check here for details and to sign up. Please share this with anyone who might like to try something new.
On the in person group healing front, I do hope you will join us for our community healing this month.

Elizabeth can be found here.

Kim’s Thoughts
What is your definition of healing? From the dictionary: noun – the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again; adjective – tending to heal; therapeutic.
Healing can come in so many different forms, from hands on to remote, nutrition, essential oils, body work and from Western to Eastern approaches. Sometimes healing comes about alone. Other times it’s with another or within a group. Speaking of groups, I hope you will attend our community healing on August 25th, 2016 at IX Art Park.   
This past month I’ve been doing some things that I consider healing, but aren’t in the traditional way I usually offer my services. I have a friend who had a flare up of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and as she is a mama to two youngsters, one of the things I offered was to make and drop off food. I realized that her accepting the help was a healing for me too. I was able to experience my gifts being accepted. Sometimes just being a really good listener is healing. Or smiling at a stranger can make their day. I remember one day running into a friend and telling her how beautiful she looked and she started to cry, she had been feeling unseen by her spouse.  Sometimes what seems like a small thing to us can reach further than we can imagine.
This summer I spent a few days at the beach receiving healing from being at the ocean. Watching the waves come and go as I sat there I felt my energy field being cleared by the ocean and then I felt the joy of the unexpected sight of dolphins. From this experience I also started doing a meditation when I needed space from something, of breathing in and out and feeling as the waves went out I had more space with the situation or person that I was getting agitated by.  
I was led on a rain walk by my 3 year old. Kids are great at giving you a lesson on presence. They are not done being in the moment, until they are done being in the moment.  Feeling the rain and giving in to getting wet and being in the moment was a gift of peace. I could see how I could chose to connect or chose to separate.
On August 25th we will be at IX Art Park at 6 PM. From 6:00 – 7:00 PM we will be offering various free healing services and social time: there will be music, chakra readings, intuitive card readings. There will also be light snacks and non alcoholic beverages. At 7 PM we will begin the community healing, which will include guided meditation as well as energetic clearing. The healing will end promptly at 8 PM. We will have an altar for the focal point of all we wish to heal: hope for all the recent tragedies at home and abroad; the earth; racism; an emotion you want healing with – grief/ resentment / anger; or perhaps you or a loved one needs some physical healing . If you are not able to come in person, please feel free to connect in through your energy field at 7 PM when we start the healing.
If you would like to donate your own healing in the form of snacks for social time, or services if you are a body practitioner or healer, or assistance with set up or break down, please contact me to make arrangements. 

Ready to schedule a healing? I now have online scheduling here.

Upcoming classes: 
Womens Wellness Series

September 8th 2016, 6:00 - 7:30 pm 

Session 1 - focus will be on your reproductive system. We will discuss tips for managing PMS, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and getting your libido back on track.

September 29th 2016, 6:00 - 7:30 pm 

Session 2 - focus will be on self confidence and managing anxiety and life's stresses. We will go over stress reduction techniques and how your diet can support you in difficult times. 

October 20th 2016, 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Session 3 - focus will be on our heart. We  will focus on what we can do to bring in heart health both nutritionally and how we can feel aligned with our relationships with our significant others. 

$25 per class or register for all 3 and pay $60. Classes held at Hara Studio in Crozet. Email Kim to sign up.

Health Coach, Tricia Lucas and Energy Healer, Kim Lohan are collaborating to provide you with information about nutrition, mindfulness and lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Mindfulness and Kids September 17th 2 -3 PM
Join us for an active class where kids will practice listening to their body, learn about tuning into their senses to bring awareness and regulation to their system. This workshop includes movement, breathing practices, listening to self and others, a meditation and other fun sensory activities. This is for kids ages 3-6. We request an adult stay with children during class.  $20 (one child + 1 adult) $7 each additional child. Register here. This class is held at A Place to Breathe Yoga and Meditation Studio.

Find Kim at Hara Studio