Disconnect from Work

Our energy bodies take on and carry around stuff that's not helpful to us and get pulled or pushed out of center just like physically our bodies take on and hold many of the tensions of day to day life. This is one of the reasons why you might consider regular energy healing. As a way of maintaining clear and aligned energies, instead of waiting until there's so much gunk and everything's so off kilter, you will be a brighter you all the time. A change of seasons is a great marker for you to schedule some energy healing especially since the energies of the seasons change, too.


We'd also like to welcome you to our 2nd Community Healing, this one is focusing on Grief and Loss. Wednesday, November 2nd from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM at Ix Art Park. More details here.


Kim's Thoughts  

Ever had one of those experiences where you’re supposed to be doing something fun with someone, maybe going to hike, out to eat, seeing a show and they can’t seem to stop checking their phone or maybe you can’t? I was recently talking to a friend about how to disconnect from work and then be present for our families. Here’s what I’ve come up with from an energetic perspective. 

Five ways to shift your energy from work to play

1) Change your clothes. This may seem like it’s not a big deal, but if you come home from work and change your clothes, instead of starting to make dinner or diving into other tasks, you will experience a difference. I challenge you to try it to see what you think. I did this when I worked a very stressful job and energetically could feel like I was shifting from work persona to weekend persona.

2) Clear your field. You can do this with water either by stopping in the restroom before you leave work and washing your hands – envision an egg shape around you and filling it with white light. If you work in a very stressful environment or feel like you pick up other people’s energy or stress, I’d recommend taking a shower or a bath when you get home. You will be intending the water to be clearing your field, if taking a bath also throw in some Epsom salt. If you work from home, putting away your work items and clearing the space with a chime or bell can prepare it for the next day. You can also use essential oils to clear your field or to signify a shift from working to relaxing. If you want to invigorate or uplift your field, I’d recommend peppermint or orange. Put a few drops in a spray bottle and use in your office or car. You will be using the scents to signify the shift.  


3) Clear your desk – when I was working in HIV Case Management we had a co-worker we jokingly called “Boundaries Gone Bad” because she had very rigid boundaries about almost everything. Joking aside, one of her boundaries that I found to be very helpful was that at 4:45 PM on the dot, she would begin to clear off her desk, put her files away, get what she needed for the next day in order. She would not start an intake or a yearly assessment or make a call to social security; she would clean up so that she would be able to walk away from her desk exactly at 5 PM. I encourage you to enforce a rigid boundary whenever your workday ends. 



4) Clear your mind. This can be done through meditating, drawing, stepping outside and walking or taking a yoga class on your lunch break. Do something to engage both sides of your brain. At the start of the week 

take 15 minutes and do a mind dump. This is basically where you write down everything you need to do for your job, family, house, etc. Then you know all your to do’s are down on paper and can be addressed accordingly. It frees up more space for your brain to be creative. 


5) Work less. There has been research done about how folks who work less hours and have more time for their hobbies are actually more productive. Check out this interesting article about what happened when a owner moved his company to a 5 hour workday. 

Elizabeth's Thoughts

Work comes in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes and textures. Some of my work is hands on bodies. Some of my work is by phone from the comfort of my home desk. I love that I get to connect and explore with amazing beings of all sorts. But no matter how much I love my work, I do need some separation between work and the rest of my life. So how exactly do I do that?  ~ Read more