Hey there, beautiful people,

How has your summer been? Mine has been full of learning about acceptance and surrender. While telling a friend what all was happening she replied, “Like it or not, this is your life at the moment.” That simple statement has been a great reminder for me when I’ve received news I didn’t want to hear or had something go differently than I had expected. It’s served to remind me that I always have choices. If you are feeling a bit tight with feelings of uncertainty or unable to catch a full breath here’s my short list:

Spend a few minutes meditating – this, in addition to often calming one down, helps create more energetic fluidity.

Talk to a therapist or friend about what’s going on – the mere act of bringing the words that have been banging about in your mind stateside can release their weight, sometimes reveal their untruth, and / or provide unexpected insight.

Do something to shift your energy field. Get some energy work – healings, acupuncture, Alexander Technique or Kundalini yoga are all great ways to create movement within your field.

Repeat this mantra, “I have choices.”


New Classes

I’ve been asked by clients for help learning more about how they run their energy, what to do with the seemingly random intuition they receive, and the “so what” feeling with this information. We all get intuitive hits or experience knowings: those things that we often don’t listen to or recognize until after the fact, and then go, “Duh! I had a feeling that was going to happen,” or,” I knew something was off.”  We will practice various techniques for how you work with this information and how it enters your energy field. If you would like to expand your intuitive skills, learn more here.

Here’s to our transition into Fall ~