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Energetically Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season seems to get longer every year with parties, family gatherings, and endless other seasonal events. And as a stressful season for so many, we've compiled some tips to help you navigate the season and perhaps find more peace and joy along the way.

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Be aware of your physical body and listen to it. Are your shoulders tensing up? Are you folding in on yourself? Are you full? Our physical bodies are constantly giving us information that we often ignore. One of the simplest ways to respond to the body moving into holding patterns is to breathe and move. If this means stepping into the bathroom for a few minutes of belly breathing with your eyes closed, go for it. If this means standing up, rolling your shoulders and/or your head around, taking a brisk down the driveway and back (or even down the hall and back), do it. Sometimes this is best for you to do alone, but sometimes it’s nice to invite someone to join you. Listen and feel what is right for you in the moment.
Be aware of your emotional self. If you notice some sadness or an old pattern pushing in on you, remember you are not your emotions. You can feel them and let them go without engaging. If this feels hard or is so unfamiliar that you’re not sure how to go about it, just breathe and notice the emotions as they move through you. Notice how your physical body responds to the emotions. And as you continue breathing steady, belly breathing, keep track of whether the emotions lift off or not. You can breathe imagining a soft pink light filling you up with each inhalation and all that does not serve you exiting with each exhalation. 
Be aware of your thoughts. If your thoughts are scattered, racing or sinking into patterns that are not helping you in the moment, you might picture a gentle rain shower moving through, washing your mind free, and allowing you some space to just be. Sometimes a mantra or prayer can be a way to keep the mind focused. Choosing something as simple as “Thank you for this breath/day/moment’” can help you get through a rough spot. 
Be aware of your energetic boundaries and your energy levels. The more you check in with your whole self, the easier it becomes to know when something popping up isn’t even your stuff. To shore up your boundaries and help maintain your energy levels:

Be sure to get plenty of sleep
Keep up your water intake
Move your body
Get outside for even just 5 minutes a day
Check in with yourself during the day
Say no when you need to


Energy Vampires

Kim's Thoughts

Energy vampires sucking you dry? Here are some tips to help keep you protected when around those hungry folks. To begin with, who am I talking about? When I refer to energy vampires, I’m referring to folks who leave you feeling either depressed, wiped out, or angry after spending time with them. They may be your coworker, a parent or acquaintance, they could even be someone whose company you used to enjoy. 

 Most people pull energy from others via the third chakra. To keep folks from doing this, you can place your hand over the third chakra; it’s the chakra that governs your self-will and personal power and is located just below where your ribs open up.  You have seen this done in situations where people go into a defensive stance by placing their arms across their chest. This is similar, but there are more subtle ways to do this. One is by resting your hand on your third chakra, another is by setting your intention that no one can drain you from this chakra, and a third way is to place essential oil on this chakra prior to having interactions with the energy sucker. I’d recommend cedarwood or ginger essential oils for protection.

 Another way to keep from getting drained is by setting a strong energetic boundary prior to your interaction.  Envision white light encompassing your entire body in an oval / egg shape. If white light is not your thing, envision that the clothes you are putting on are like Teflon, things just bounce off you and cannot take. Or another is to envision you are surrounded by a circle of pink bubble gum, nothing can get through this. Say the mantra “ I only take on what’s mine.”

If you are in the situation and all of a sudden recognize you’re feeling a little blurred on what is yours and what is theirs – take a bathroom break. Once in the restroom, take 5 deep breaths to remember your rhythm and set an energetic boundary for when you go back into the situation.

Cleanse your field afterward if you do feel like you’ve taken on someone’s stuff that’s not yours. This can be done with a shower, an espom salt bath or by smudging yourself.

If it is a coworker that’s got you down, place things on your desk or office that help ground you and refresh you. Maybe it’s a picture of the forest, or a crystal to clear negative energy or a healthy plant.

If possible decrease the amount of time you spend with them or start a conversation with them about how much time you are comfortable spending with them. 

Maybe you’re reading this and saying – what, no one can make you feel depressed if you’re not already depressed, but this has to do with field entanglement. What we do influences others, it is how when I do a healing, you experience an energetic shift. Here’s an interesting podcast talking about physics and how interconnected we are- Entanglement.

Wondering why people suck energy from others? Usually it’s unconscious and they are not aware they are even doing it. When they get filled by sucking energy from others, they are not actually satisfied and then they need more, it creates a vicious cycle.

We are ultimately responsible for our own happiness, so instead of demanding the energy vampire to shift, shifting yourself can bring you more satisfaction.  The situation may also be an opportunity for you to learn how to hold better boundaries or that a situation is not working. If you have other suggestions on how to protect yourself from energy vampires, please share. 

Elizabeth's Thoughts

As everything is energy, there is a constant flow of energy in and out of our beings. We both give and receive energy in many forms. When we are in a balance point (ongoing, I know) we are receiving as much as we are giving. This sounds like a simple mathematical process, but real life is far from simple. One big energy draining concept to be aware of is energy vampires. Often these are people, but they can also be groups or intangibles like your work or an organization of some sort. I’m sure you know some: those who are needy and take, take, take; people who or situations that leave you exhausted even when you didn’t seem to do much.~ Read more