Alcohol and the Energy Field

With the holidays on the horizon I’m including my perspective on what happens to the energy body when you drink alcohol. The holidays seem to bring with it many opportunities to make merry, imbibe as well stress us out. If you need some support, please reach out.

How does alcohol affect one's energy field? When we consume alcohol for pleasure or social reasons we may know that our inhibitions are lowered but not question or recognize what has happened in the energy field. Here’s a glimpse of the effects on each chakra.

First Chakra - initially we may feel as if we are more in our bodies and be more willing to dance or play a game of football. We feel a sense of community with those around us, think of tailgating / vineyards / family reunions. This sense of connection can sometimes lead to raucous behavior - think of how drunken sports fans will turn over cars or graffiti following a big win.

Second Chakra - in this chakra we may feel a rise in our passion. Not only towards someone else but this is where we get more animated and talk about politics or how we were betrayed or what we'd really like to do with our life.

Third Chakra - from this chakra we may experience a sense of power and confidence that comes from looser boundaries. We may feel we are doing well and can put off or dismiss problems. We may feel a false bravado and will attempt feats that we wouldn't normally even consider. As many of us carry anxiety in this chakra we may feel some initial relief with the looser boundaries. Personally, I find it difficult to be in places where people are intoxicated as I experience a pulling from my 3rd chakra because this is often where people suck energy from.

Fourth Chakra - we may feel a sense of being more in love or having more love for someone. We see folks declaring how much they love their friends, kids, partners. Alcohol also affects people by touching into their grief and loss. Feeling like they are grieving their loss, although in a detached way. One's feelings can be amplified or minimized. We are open to allowing others into our field, trading tragedy stories and then feel a vulnerability hangover that we shared with someone who hadn't earned our trust.

Fifth Chakra - alcohol can open the throat chakra and we may say things we haven't been able to express or will just talk a lot more than usual. This may feel exhilarating to finally get something off the chest, but can quickly turn into losing our filter and we may say hurtful things. We may also experience alcohol keeping us from expressing.

Six chakra - alcohol can create the illusion that we are expanding our field, but as we consume it we are lowering or loosening our boundaries and others can come closer into our energy fields. We might feel like we are making many cerebral connections. If we have blocked our third eye, we may experience a sense of getting information but struggle to discern or doubt its meaning.

Seventh Chakra - we might feel like we are connected to god or feel like we are experiencing oneness with those around us and the planet, however it tends to be a transient and ungrounded. Alcohol actually pulls in our energy field leaving us with a depressed or shrunken field.And alcohol can leave debris in the field.

Some tips: if you have a social event you are nervous about attending, charge up your third chakra instead of choosing to have another drink. If you can't imagine having Thanksgiving with your family without getting drunk, then I’d suggest not attending or if you do attend and are hungover the next day, try to drop the judgment. Try a seltzer tonic with lime, sans alcohol, see if having a non alcoholic drink can act as a stand in. Less is better when it comes to consuming alcohol. ~