How to make sparks fly…

reiki sparks.jpg

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of healings where people are tired, depleted and feeling underwhelmed. It’s like they have lost the connection to what fuels them and lost the time for them to think. For some it’s that their work is no longer a fit or they’re in a relationship that leaves them feeling a bit flat. What I see happening on an energetic level is that they are giving more energy than they are receiving back. It’s like they start out with a full battery pack at the beginning of the day and by the end their low battery light is flashing. This results in a second chakra out of alignment and not enough life pulse.
What feeds the life pulse? Fun, play, creativity, sex, dance. The tricky thing is if you have a depleting relationship going on it makes you want to do less. Lately I’ve been going through a challenging situation with a family member and one way I get recharged is by saying yes to more self care: energy healings, making sure I don’t miss a meal, attending live music. With the live music, the day of the show often found me feeling too tired to go, thinking I’d rather stay at home wearing pajamas. However after I went to see the shows, I was definitely more fired up by seeing the band, dancing and feeling the vibration of the music.
So here’s some things to do to bring back some magic in your life…
It’s sort of like mad libs.
Last time I was super happy, I was doing _________________. (Now, put this in your planner for the soonest available date.)
When I eat blank ____________________ I feel really loved. (Pack this for lunch ASAP.)

The top 5 songs to charge me up are _____________________________________. (Create a playlist and listen to this at work or while driving to work.)
If I could do anything I wanted for work, it would be _______________________________. (See if there are any ways in which you can do more of this in your current job.)
When I drink this (nonalcoholic, please) ___________________________ I feel nourished. (Grab some now.)
When I wear this outfit my body beams _____________________________. (Put it on, please!)
When I do this physical activity ______________________________________ I feel alive. (Go, do it!)
Some of this is just to bring your awareness to what it is that energetically lifts you up. Say going to Paris, France is where you feel most alive and you don’t have the funds to go there now. Change your screen shot to the Louvre, make some of the food you ate while you were there or grab some food from Marie Bette and watch a movie or play some music that gives you that feel. Some of this is about inviting play back into your life. When we play, we make magic and charge up not only our imagination but our life pulse. Here’s to you and your amazing life~
If you want to hear some great music check out local band, Chamomile and Whiskey or this band from Austin, TX, The Wind and the Wave. ~  Enjoy