Energy Work

For in person healing sessions we speak briefly about your intention for the healing and any challenges that you are facing. During the session you lie fully clothed on a massage table and I use light touch to clear, charge, and balance your energy field. The session is a time for you to relax and reflect on your intention and the healing experience.

For a remote healing session (done by phone or Skype), we speak at the beginning and the end of the hour. My clients have found that these sessions often foster a very deep connection despite the lack of physical proximity.

Following the session there may be a brief discussion of what we both experienced. Many times it is helpful to take time to integrate the experience before discussing it and I may follow up by email or phone. I always recommend that you consume lots of water, take Epsom salt baths, avoid strenuous exercise, and avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours following the session.

Intuitive Impressions

Once a session is scheduled, you will complete a form which identifies what area you would like insights on and specific questions you have about the situation or area of your life. Intuitive Impressions are done remotely. I tune into your area of focus before we speak on the phone at your scheduled time to go over my findings. Our phone conversation will take 15-30 minutes and I will share the information I received and answer any questions. You will also receive my notes of the session. Payment is required at time appointment is scheduled.